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Peterborough Magistrates' Court

Photo of Peterborough Magistrates Courtroom

Cambridgeshire magistrates sit in Peterborough Magistrates Court. The court was opened in 1978 and is located on Bridge Street, opposite the Rivergate Shopping Arcade. For a map showing the location, transport links and information about car parking in Peterborough click here

The full address is

Peterborough Magistrates Court
Bridge Street

Tel: 01223 376000
Fax: 01264 785085

The building houses six Magistrates courts, three are used for Adult Crime cases and the others hear Family and Employment Tribunal cases. There are also offices for the Probation Service and for the administration of the magistrates' court criminal and civil business within Cambridgeshire.

The Magistrates take an active part in community engagement and regularly give talks and presentations to community groups and schools about the work of a magistrates' court. This work is under the Magistrates in the Community (MIC) banner. There is a Cambridgeshire team and for information on the recent local Magistrates in the Community activities click here. For general information on MIC click here.